Reflections on a 30 year career

If I was me now, 30 years ago, submitting my application to join the police, I’d tell myself this:

Age is just a number. It’s ok to be the youngest on the team because in a department it’s what you do that matters. One day you’ll be the oldest, the most experienced, and you’ll be the one being told ‘I wasn’t born when you joined!’ And in a blink it will be over!

Policing is a family, tied together across county, country and continents. The blue line; that symbol of pride and often sorrow. Like all families, you will love them, be frustrated by them, sometimes be disappointed, share the good times and celebrations and at all times you will have a sense of belonging. It’s an eternal tie.

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Bonfire celebrations light the fuse for a busy weekend

I enjoy bonfire night and often take my kids to displays. But as a police officer, the Halloween and bonfire night periods are some of our busiest nights of the year.

This year we received our highest ever number of calls on Halloween, but thanks to the commitment of our officers and staff the night was peaceful and children got to make happy memories in a safe atmosphere.

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Reflections on a career during Black History Month

October is Black History Month and has been marked in the UK for more than 30 years.

It is an annual event to highlight and celebrate the achievements and contributions of the black community throughout the UK.

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