Marching to success

New recruits passing out

I was one of 15 new police officers who took part in Bedfordshire Police’s prestigious Passing out Parade on Thursday 9 July.

It is traditional for new recruits to celebrate their new roles by taking part in the Passing out Parade. Every officer you see on the beat would’ve had a parade after completing their initial training.

On Thursday, part of the Parade involved being inspected and congratulated by Temporary Chief Constable Jon Boutcher, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Collins, PCC Olly Martins and the Vice Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire. There was a dinner and drinks reception afterwards where we could celebrate with our families.

Joining the Police Force has always been a childhood dream for me, as I wanted to help people and make a difference to the local community.

I also wanted a career where no day is ever the same and where there is always something new to learn.

Our training has involved classes, group work, guest speakers, practical tasks, knowledge checks and definition checks. During training, we were shown a lot of different areas of the force and what they do, which helped us prepare for when we go out there and do it for real.

New recruits passing out

There have been so many highlights over the past 20 weeks it’s hard to write down everything, but ultimately they have to be passing the knowledge checks and practical scenarios. To me they were a massive thing to achieve and being told the words “you’ve passed” will stay with me for ever.

Being part of the Passing out Parade to me was another massive achievement. Being able to march out there with my colleagues in front of our families made me very proud and signifies the completion of the course and what exciting times we all have ahead.

Find out more about becoming a Police Officer and Special Constable.


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