A year in review

Police Cadet SianiEach year the force nominates a first year Cadet to be the Lord-Lieutenant’s Police Cadet. Police Cadet Siani finished her tenure on 31 December and has now written a blog looking back on her year…

I joined the Cadets in September 2014 because I’ve always wanted to make a difference, help people and be there to stand up for people when they can’t stand up for themselves. I also love challenges and adventure and with the police you never relive the same day twice.

Being in the Cadets is a mixture of learning in a classroom, practicing drill exercises outside and conducting duties in the community.

In the classroom, my favourite lesson was on stop and search. This was more practical and we had to act out scenarios – practical learning is great and also makes you step outside of your comfort zone.

I also enjoyed being part of Operation Vision which involved us getting out and about and interacting with the public, and assisting with events at Keech Hospice like meeting and greeting and helping with car parking duties. Both of these gave a real feel to being a police officer out on the beat because they were public orientated duties, and I got the chance to help the wonderful people of our community.

I was absolutely amazed and overwhelmed when I found out I would be the Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet as I never expected to receive such an honour. When I found out my Cadet Instructor had nominated me and two other Cadets, I was certain I wouldn’t get it. But when the letter came in the post I was so happy that I gasped at the good news and ran straight to tell my father.

My first ever duty as the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet was with the Duke of Kent. It was exciting for two reasons; it was my first duty and he is part of the Royal family. The day went really well and I knew then that the year was going to be adventurous and exciting.

The next duty was more full on as I had to read out four pages of speeches at a ceremony. But it enlightened me as I realised that these wonderful achievements had all been made by people in our county. I felt privileged to read the speeches out and couldn’t wait to hand out the much deserved awards.

The highlight of my year has to be the Road Victims Trust service at St Paul’s Church.
It was magical and I was really touched by it as I lost my best friend in an accident in 2010, so it was very personal to me. The Lord Lieutenant’s Fire Cadet attended with me and we both lit candles to remember those who have died on the roads. We all sang together, which emphasised how strong we are as a community.

I am very grateful to Lord Lieutenant Helen Nellis for appointing me as one of her Cadets. It’s great to see how much she cares, understands and respects the young people of Bedfordshire.
Now I am a second year Cadet, and I’m Deputy Head Cadet at my unit. Being part of the Cadet family has given me more confidence – before being the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet I was never able to give speeches in front of large crowds of people but now this comes easily.

It’s also helped me understand more about a life as a police officer – it’s not as easy as I thought. It’s not all physical and the police have to be mentally strong as sometimes they deal with really emotional cases.

I would like to become a police officer, hopefully in Bedfordshire. Eventually I think I would like to work as a murder detective. But if I don’t make it I shall join the military, become a fire fighter or do something completely different and go into the business world.

I think everyone should join the Cadets; I had the choice of Army, Sea or Police Cadets and I am so glad I chose the Police Cadets because we are so cool.

I’ve always dreamt about being a police officer and hopefully I’ll get there soon.

Recruitment for the Cadets is now open. To find out more, or to apply, click here.


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