Proud to police

I remember the first day I turned up at Police Headquarters in a brand new suit and entered what we commonly referred to as the dream factory.

Rachel GlendenningI had always wanted to join the police, I wanted to catch burglars and make people feel safe.

And I can honestly say it’s a decision that I’ve never regretted – I look forward to going to work every single day.

Response is a challenging, exciting, emotional and tiring place to work.

It is like no other place to work, you start there in your police career and it shapes the officer that you become.

Our officers see and hear things that others could never even imagine happening and are so resilient it makes me very proud.

I’ve seen people at their worst in times of crisis, sat with families during their darkest hours, but also witnessed how good, brave, and tenacious individuals can be.

As a PC my proudest moment was seeing a rapist jailed for 11 years.

I had collected his victim from where he left her and spent hours with her getting all the evidence possible to find him and lock him away.

The hardest incidents that I have to deal with are deaths.

I’ve given CPR to a young girl, travelled with her to hospital and sat with her family when they were told she died. She died on St Patrick’s Day and not a year goes by when I don’t think of her.

I can remember standing outside A&E waiting to be collected and seeing the family fall apart, with tears streaming down my face.

My current role is as a response team Inspector.

My typical day involves starting work before my actual start time so that I can understand what has happened during the previous shift.

I liaise with the colleague I am taking over from and we discuss detainees in the custody suite, serious incidents, community issues and the current level of incidents, as well as any resourcing requirements – for example officers that need deploying to guard scenes or look after detainees at hospital.

My role involves juggling many different things; my office door is always open and as the duty Inspector I am visited by officers and staff from all departments to authorise legal powers, request advice, review incidents, lend resources, review crime reports and deal with public complaints.

The team I work with are amazing; we have officers who are almost brand new to policing, to officers that have more service than I do.

We have lots of new officers joining at present and one of my favourite roles is developing these people, ensuring they get support and guidance to become the best they can.

As an Inspector I am proud every day of the officers that turn out and work for Bedfordshire Police.

The thin blue line may be getting thinner but there will always be a line and I am so very proud to stand on it.


Inspector Rachael Glendenning has been at Bedfordshire Police for 14 years.

One thought on “Proud to police

  1. Jackie 1 July, 2016 / 8:23 pm

    Lovely words Rachael ,proud to know you as a family friend


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