A credit to the service

The victims of a burglary in Putnoe have written to Bedfordshire Police to thank officers who helped in their case for their professionalism and compassion in the aftermath of the distressing event. The work resulted in a suspect being arrested within days of the offence and a subsequent conviction for burglary.

“We would like to thank all concerned with the attention and professionalism offered to ourselves following the recent burglary of our property. Whilst the events were shocking and very traumatic, the officers involved acted with the utmost compassion. They offered friendly advice and were most supportive at our time of need.

“We would like to offer our thanks to the PC Ben Ling who attended the scene. Once informed of the circumstances he acted swiftly to pursue the burglar, and acted with extreme bravery to pursue this individual. We are indebted to him for his diligence and endeavour as he used his initiative to recover the mobile phone taken and obtain evidence that ultimately secured the criminal.

OperationFidelitylogoWe are grateful to the scenes of crime officer who attended our property, for her kind and considerate word that reassured my wife. She provided compassion which made the situation less harrowing because of her kindness.

“We would also like to thank the officers from CID, DC Adam Cave and DS Mark Stewart, for efficiently piecing the evidence together and reprimanding the culprit. Your early resolution of this criminal has provided comfort and reassurance. We take consolation that the individual was caught and is now being held to account for his crime.

“Your frequent updates have allowed us to be less distressed about this callous crime. We doubt we will ever get over this as there will always be a permanent scar, but the performance of all the police personnel we encountered has been most impressive. Your support and effective management of this situation has meant we sleep easier.

“We consider our home to be most precious, and our place of solace. To have someone wrench this away is heart-breaking. This is truly a most despicable crime.

“All the more frustrating when the individual is so callous to take the keys from the house, which suggested the culprit was intending to return to the property. The individual can have no idea what this does to the family affected by this crime.

“Very fortunately and thankfully our children never really understood the events of the burglary, had they have this would have been a more harrowing and disturbing situation.

“Clearly there are many others behind the scenes that will have had an involvement in this case, we appreciate we may never be made aware of all the detail. We would like to thank everyone in the police service for their professionalism which we observed first-hand.

“You are all a credit to the service and we will always be indebted.

“All our thanks and praise for the work you undertake day after day.”

Stephen McCay, 23, of Winifred Road, Bedford, was sentenced to three years and four months in prison for the burglary, which took place on 13 June.

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