Finding my niche and making a difference in my community

On Friday (1 March), I was one of eight PCSOs who took part in a passing out ceremony, after completing initial training with Bedfordshire Police.  On Thursday this week, I begin my first shift on the beat, working with the anti-social behaviour team in Dunstable and Houghton Regis and I can’t wait to get started and make a positive contribution to my county.

PCSO Alice Winfield 7482

Alice and her fellow PCSOs at the passing out ceremony

I was born in the year 2000 which makes me a millennial, and they don’t always get the best publicity.  The media often depicts us as work-shy, sometimes selfish and entitled, but that’s not me at all. I just needed a little time to find my niche.

I was never academic and didn’t enjoy sitting in a classroom, so I left school after one year of sixth form. Since then, I worked in car sales and tried out for different roles, but I don’t get on with office jobs. I like to be out and about, meeting people and problem solving.

I’m a confident person and like to think I’m firm, but fair. If you ask my family, they’ll say I was always destined for a job in uniform; either the police, or the military, and here I am starting out with the police.

My previous neighbour’s daughter is a police officer, so I may have been influenced by her in my choice of career.

Much of the anti-social behaviour that’s happening right now involves young people, and I’m hoping that I’ll have an extra insight into their world by being of a similar age. Also, I’m a cyclist and can understand how people are affected by the behaviour of those on bikes. I just want to make it safer for everyone, myself included.

I’ll see how things go as a PCSO before deciding where to go next with my policing career. In the meantime, there’s a lot for me to do and learn with the team – Dunstable and Houghton Regis, watch out!

PCSO Alice Winfield 7482

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