On the fast track to becoming a detective

Matt Jarman joined Bedfordshire Police in January and is currently on our Accelerated Detective Constable Programme (ADCP).

Matt Jarman

I’m currently eight weeks into the programme; that’s half way through the initial classroom based training, and I am really enjoying the course so far. 

As of week eight, we have learned key aspects of the law, and completed our Personal Safety Training .

As part of training we undertake scenarios with actors, which enable us to put to practice everything we’ve learned to date. These scenarios give us a sense of what being a uniformed police officer will involve. This is great preparation for when we have our tutorships with the front line response teams later this year. I’m set on the detective side of policing though, and I hope eventually to work in serious, or major crime.

Initially, I saw an ad for the ADCP on Twitter which sparked my interest. I then spoke with a number of people connected with the force to find out more about the programme and attended one of the open evenings. My mind was made up.

With family in both the police and the prison service, I have always had an interest in policing and criminal psychology. In my own working life, I need to be challenged, and to be in a job where I am continuously learning. I also aspire for a career in which I could make a real difference; helping people when they need it the most.

This process affords me the opportunity to fast track into a detective role right from the outset. Essentially I can work towards my end game while still in my two year probation period. The ADCP also gives me the opportunity to train and gain experience as a frontline officer first, but I have always wanted to be a detective. It’s a great scheme for those who are confident they want to follow the detective route in policing.

Be prepared to work hard, and be mindful that in addition to your Trainee Investigators process you are simultaneously completing the Police Learning and Development Programme – the initial training for front line uniformed officers.

There are many aspects to policing, and while frontline uniformed police are crucial to public protection and upholding the law, there are many other roles too. These are all, quite simply, different aspects of policing and they are all an integral part of the overall service. Just because we don’t all come from a background in policing, doesn’t mean we don’t have something to offer. Many skills are transferable, and we all bring something different to the table.

Those on the ADCP are trained in exactly the same way as uniformed officers initially, and go on to undertake the Trainee Investigators process, which is identical to the path all existing detectives have taken. The only difference with this scheme is the timescale in which we complete each part of the process; these accelerated timescales have been put in place to respond to the needs of the force, and are designed to get people in the right jobs to deliver the service.

If you think you have what it takes to train as a detective, recruitment is open. Visit our website for more information on how to apply, or apply here.

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