“I think you need to go and see a grown up.”

I joined Bedfordshire Police in 2006 and spent the first four years on response in Luton, before moving to the Road Policing Unit for the following eight.

At the beginning of March 2017, I was approaching two years in my dream role as Acting Sergeant of a brilliant team in the Roads Policing Unit. I knew from an early stage in my policing career that being on the Roads Policing Unit was my ambition because it is right at the forefront of pro-active policing. Taking on the role of A/Sgt and having such a fabulous team working for me was easily the proudest moment of my career.

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“You’re only going to get better if you talk about it. “

It’s June 2018, and I’m getting ready to host a charity football match on Sunday (10 June). What’s so special, you might ask, but match day marks the one-year anniversary of my escape from a very unusual situation.

At 4.20pm on Saturday, 10 June 2017, following a 999 call from my worried neighbours, police officers came to my home and arrested my girlfriend for grievous bodily harm, putting an end to months of abuse and suffering, and, I do believe, saved my life.

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