Looking back: My final shift on Response

A Sunday night in July saw my final shift pass as a Response Officer working the North of the county. I was to start my new role as a PC on the Mental Health Street Triage team in just two days’ time.ed-finn

I’ve worked on Response for the entirety of my two-year police career to date, on two different teams. It’s been a hugely exciting and challenging period.

Starting as a student officer, completing my tutorship and learning the ropes, I earned my status as an independent patrol officer, obtained my response driving ticket and completed my NVQ qualification as a student PC. Continue reading


The efforts your officers put in saved my son’s life

I made a 999 call after discovering my 16-year-old son had left a suicide note hidden in his bedroom, after telling me he had gone to play football with friends.

The call handler I spoke to on the phone said someone would come out to us and once the officers arrived, they were amazing.  They kept me informed, communicated with other officers, spoke to the friends and family who had congregated at my house, did their upmost in keeping me calm and more importantly worked with their colleagues to get my son home safely. Throughout they were so calm and professional. Continue reading

“I didn’t want to be known as a hobby bobby – I wanted to do what police officers did…”

I joined the Specials because I’d always wanted to join the police service and I thought I’d give it a go. I was initially only going to do it for a year, and ended up staying and making it into my 25th year.

When I joined the Specials, we were just coming out of the ‘hobby bobby’ era, so we were just breaking away from fetes and carnivals. I was part of the first generation of new Specials who started to push barriers; I didn’t want to be known as a hobby bobby – I wanted to do what police officers did.

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