It’s never too late to join

I became a police officer at the grand old age of 49. Some people were finishing their careers after serving 30 years, just as I was starting mine rupertcarlile– it’s never too late to join.

I wanted to be a police office since I was a kid but when I tried to sign up at 16, I was told I wasn’t tall enough, as you used to have to be over 6ft. I then went down a different career path studying theatre management at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and worked in theatres and opera houses across the world. I loved my job, but everytime I passed a police officer I felt jealous, that it was something I’d never done. One day I thought to myself do I want to finish my life having never tried it. I started the recruitment process, fully expecting to be rejected because of my age, but soon my dream became a reality and I’ve never looked back. Continue reading


Anti-Bullying Week


As the lead for the Bedfordshire Police School liaison team I am proud that we have been able to support the national Anti-bullying Week initiative for the last five years.

Anti-bullying week 2

Unfortunately despite the numerous anti-bullying campaigns in the media and the national curriculum, bullying is still a problem that a large number of children have to face. Continue reading

It is a job like no other – even if we only do it in our spare time!

You may recognise our Special Constable Susanne Majer from SC_SusanneMajer.jpg
one of the 24 Hours in Police Custody episodes. Susanne wrote a blog to share her experience as a Special Constable and a member of the Bedfordshire Police Force Contact Centre staff.

Every day you put that uniform on and start a shift, you are making a difference in the community, you may end up helping someone in a difficult situation or even save a life.

It is a job like no other – even if we only do it in our spare time!

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