Jon gave the ultimate sacrifice – we will never forget

I didn’t see Jon on the day he was killed. I didn’t make it to the morning briefing, as I was sent straight to the hospital to watch a prisoner. I listened to the events unfold on my radio. I don’t think for one minute I would’ve made any difference, but I can still hear my team mate’s voice now, that will always stay with me.

What I will also always remember is the response of the officers around us – the other sections which took on our shifts for us while E Section grieved. The officers from CID, Public Protection, Special Branch and Community who filled in the gaps as we slowly started returning to work. That gave me a sense of pride in being a Beds Police officer and I know that E Section were incredibly grateful for that. Continue reading


Their Time Will Come

IMG_7703In October 2016 Bruce Davison, 77, was sentenced to six years in jail for sexually abusing a boy in the 1970s. Below are excerpts from the victim’s personal statement, showing the devastating impact of child sexual abuse…

“I wish to share with you how being abused by Bruce Davison has affected my life.

“It has ruined my life in so many ways and I will try to explain what this abuse has done to me and how it has made me feel. Continue reading