“Isaac died alone in the back of an ambulance, and that was the day our life sentence began.”

I am very fortunate to have some truly supportive people around me. In recent years I have had to rely on these people, as me and my family have had to face the most traumatic event of our lives – the murder of my brother.

On 25 January 2014, my little brother Isaac Stone was attacked on Costin Street, Midland Road, Bedford. He was 19.

Isaac was a happy go lucky person, he always had an infectious smile on his face – a very big one at that, which everyone would comment on! He was handsome, kind hearted and very nurturing. He had time for everyone, and would always be willing to help someone else.

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Anti-Bullying Week


As the lead for the Bedfordshire Police School liaison team I am proud that we have been able to support the national Anti-bullying Week initiative for the last five years.

Anti-bullying week 2

Unfortunately despite the numerous anti-bullying campaigns in the media and the national curriculum, bullying is still a problem that a large number of children have to face. Continue reading