“I thought I’d never be able to fulfil this dream…”

I wanted to be involved with the police from a young age – my uncle was a police driver in Northumbria and often when we visited he’d show us the police cars which I found really exciting.

As I went through school I got involved with sports coaching, and on the recommendation of one of my teachers I moved into teaching. I qualified in 1996 and started work straight away. I began my career, and gradually moved my way up to a point where starting a new career would have been difficult.

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“We get to utilise the skills we’ve already developed through a hobby, into something to benefit to our communities.”

I’ve always had an interest in policing. Even when doing my apprenticeship to get me started in my career, I always wanted to do something in policing.

I’m a vehicle engineer, so I work on anything from cars to large HGVs. I love my day job so by being a Special I get the best of both worlds; I get to do something I enjoy doing, but also I get involved with policing in the hours that fit in best around my job and family.

When I first joined the Specials I started out in Dunstable, and then when I became independent I moved to Leighton Buzzard, and I’m now currently based in Biggleswade. I’ve been involved in a lot of community-focused initiatives including various school events, but I’ve done a bit of everything so it’s been nice and varied and also challenging at times.

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Why I chose to #BeSpecial

I was like you. A member of the public, concerned citizen, minding my own business and plodding on through life focused on raising my son and protecting him from harm.

When in my teens, I had considered joining the police. It sounded action packed and a challenge; a chance to develop myself on both a personal and professional level, to protect people, fight crime and keep the community safe. The timing just wasn’t right.

Life moved on and I started a family. Still, the small voice within that wanted to do more and make a difference didn’t subside.

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