“The neighbour blamed the victim for his son’s disability, accusing him of being incestuous”

I had an appointment booked to see a victim, they wanted to make a statement about an assault. It was a name I recognised, an address I’d visited many times before.

As a PCSO, before becoming a PC, I had spent a good deal of time with the victim and his family. Unfortunately they had experienced many issues with their neighbour ever since moving in almost eight years previously.

I had built up a strong rapport with them. This made all the difference when dealing with their case as there was a level of trust between us. On this occasion the victim’s neighbour had attempted to block his route with his vehicle and approached him in an aggressive manner. He began to assault him, pushing and shoving him while shouting abuse in his face.

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Targeted and subjected to abuse simply because they were disabled

PC Ryan Chandhar
PC Ryan Chandhar

I was assigned to the case of a disabled family who were subjected to harassment and verbal abuse from their neighbours for a number of years.

We found often find victims of hate crime do not feel confident in reporting continued abuse.

This family, who all have disabilities, were reluctant and scared, but a family member came forward to Bedfordshire Police on their behalf.

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Their Time Will Come

IMG_7703In October 2016 Bruce Davison, 77, was sentenced to six years in jail for sexually abusing a boy in the 1970s. Below are excerpts from the victim’s personal statement, showing the devastating impact of child sexual abuse…

“I wish to share with you how being abused by Bruce Davison has affected my life.

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