‘But I’m not a Drink Driver’

Beware the morning afterAs Christmas approaches the force will, as always, increase its focus on drink driving. A couple of Christmases ago I stopped a driver on a Sunday morning on the M11, a routine stop for speeding. As I spoke with the female driver I noticed a smell of drink from within the car. I breath tested her and found her to be over the drink drive limit.

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THINK! case study of a convicted drink driver: Jeremy Mann

Jeremy’s drink driving conviction in September 2012 resulted in him waking up in a police cell on his birthday, losing his job, home and financial losses of more than £35,000.

Beer-and-keysFollowing an unhappy Christmas – being unable to buy presents and having to face telling family and friends – Jeremy has had to start re-building his life from scratch.

Last September, the night before my birthday, I met a friend in a local pub for a drink after work – and despite thinking early in the evening that I should leave my car and get a taxi, my judgment was impaired by several pints and I decided to drive home. I was stopped by the police about a mile or so out of town.

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“If people had seen what I have seen, they wouldn’t drink and drive.”

SC Chimes and SC Armstrong BLOGSpecial Constable Natalie Chimes and Special Constable Andrea Armstrong are volunteer police officers with Bedfordshire’s Special Constabulary. They volunteer in our Roads Policing Unit (RPU) and have some words of wisdom for you before you get behind the wheel this Christmas…

SC Natalie Chimes

I’ve not been to any fatal collisions; I’ve been lucky in that respect. But even so, I know that if the public saw what I have seen, like people being cut out of their car at the side of the road, they would never drink and drive.

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