Answering your calls this Christmas

Our Force Contact Centre does not stop nor slow down for Christmas and New Year. Our staff will continue to work hard to make sure you are safe this festive time.

Inspector Gareth Coombs will be Oscar One on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, working 6am to 6pm.

Gareth 1

“I will see my children on Christmas Eve at my mum’s house – where I still get a stocking, even at the age of 39! Continue reading

Bonfire celebrations light the fuse for a busy weekend

I enjoy bonfire night and often take my kids to displays. But as a police officer, the Halloween and bonfire night periods are some of our busiest nights of the year.

This year we received our highest ever number of calls on Halloween, but thanks to the commitment of our officers and staff the night was peaceful and children got to make happy memories in a safe atmosphere.

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“I will do my best to raise as much as I can and make the charity proud.”

I grew up in London and had always intended to run the London Marathon, but life happened; I moved out of the city, joined the army, and then the police service. I’ve watched it year after year and have always thought it would be an exciting event to take part in.

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