“I thought I’d never be able to fulfil this dream…”

I wanted to be involved with the police from a young age – my uncle was a police driver in Northumbria and often when we visited he’d show us the police cars which I found really exciting.

As I went through school I got involved with sports coaching, and on the recommendation of one of my teachers I moved into teaching. I qualified in 1996 and started work straight away. I began my career, and gradually moved my way up to a point where starting a new career would have been difficult.

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Jon gave the ultimate sacrifice – we will never forget

I didn’t see Jon on the day he was killed. I didn’t make it to the morning briefing, as I was sent straight to the hospital to watch a prisoner. I listened to the events unfold on my radio. I don’t think for one minute I would’ve made any difference, but I can still hear my team mate’s voice now, that will always stay with me.

What I will also always remember is the response of the officers around us – the other sections which took on our shifts for us while E Section grieved. The officers from CID, Public Protection, Special Branch and Community who filled in the gaps as we slowly started returning to work. That gave me a sense of pride in being a Beds Police officer and I know that E Section were incredibly grateful for that. Continue reading

Targeted and subjected to abuse simply because they were disabled

PC Ryan Chandhar
PC Ryan Chandhar

I was assigned to the case of a disabled family who were subjected to harassment and verbal abuse from their neighbours for a number of years.

We found often find victims of hate crime do not feel confident in reporting continued abuse.

This family, who all have disabilities, were reluctant and scared, but a family member came forward to Bedfordshire Police on their behalf.

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