“Everyone is working together to take harmful offenders off the streets…”

One of my trainers at training school identified early on that he thought I would be a detective, but I began my police career adamant that I wanted to be a dog handler. So much so, that I spent the first two years as a PC on attachments with the dog unit so I could get some experience in that world.

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“I can’t stand any kind of injustice… and that’s why I do this”

I joined the force with a view to becoming a detective. I wasn’t interested in any other unit, not in firearms or roads policing… but the opportunity to deal with the most serious criminal cases, and the more challenging aspects of policing, was what drew me to become a detective.

I can’t stand any kind of injustice. An elderly lady being scammed after a distraction burglary? She deserves better than that, and that’s why I do this.

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“As a police officer, your immediate thought is to just carry on…”

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably just watched 24 Hours in Police Custody, and seen that I was jabbed with a needle when I was searching Jade’s coat in custody. She had told us that she didn’t put her needles in her pockets, so immediately I was worried because if it wasn’t hers, whose was it?

When it first happened I was just shocked. I thought ‘did I feel what I thought I just felt?’ and when I realised I had, I thought ‘what do I do now?’
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