A credit to the service

The victims of a burglary in Putnoe have written to Bedfordshire Police to thank officers who helped in their case for their professionalism and compassion in the aftermath of the distressing event. The work resulted in a suspect being arrested within days of the offence and a subsequent conviction for burglary.

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Eternally grateful

On a Saturday night in May we received reports of an intoxicated woman lying in the road.

The three officers attended and received a hostile reaction from the woman, but were able to take her home and leave her in the care of her family.

Now the woman has written to the force – and in particular the officers who helped her on that evening – to apologise for her actions and thank them. She says:

“I was involved in an incident on Saturday, late evening, I had fallen down due to being intoxicated and some policemen were called by a member of the public due to my position being close to the road, I believe they attended to me and I was pretty hostile to say the least and I was cuffed and placed in the police van for my own safety, they then took me to my home by which time I was told I was ‘kicking off’ big time in the back of the van. Continue reading