On the fast track to becoming a detective

Matt Jarman joined Bedfordshire Police in January and is currently on our Accelerated Detective Constable Programme (ADCP).

Matt Jarman

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A career to be proud of

Superintendent Sharn Basra
Superintendent Sharn Basra

Superintendent Sharn Basra joined Bedfordshire Police in 1992 as a police constable on patrol in Bedford. 23 years later, he is a Superintendent based in Luton, responsible for local policing for the South of the county. He tells us about his journey with the force…

I joined the force at 19 after I’d finished my A-Levels, as I thought the police could offer something different and exciting, and I wanted to do something to help people. It’s safe to say that over 20 years on I have made that job into a career, I’m still helping the community and I still enjoy every single day.

I started as a constable based at Greyfriar’s Police Station, and stayed in that role for about 5 years. One of the very first jobs I went to was a burglary; an elderly lady had come home after shopping and found her front door was open. She called the police as she was scared to go inside. Continue reading

Working to prevent serious youth violence – before it’s too late

Gangwithredplank_ver1 social.jpgSometimes high impact crimes such as murder and other youth violence paint a worrying picture of young people across the UK but what doesn’t often get reported is that the vast majority are not involved in criminal behaviour whatsoever.

Less than one per cent of the total population of under 18s are ever accused of any physical violence each year.

Locally we were able to report that over the last three years we have seen a 50 per cent reduction in the number of under 18s being arrested in Bedfordshire. Continue reading