“Isaac died alone in the back of an ambulance, and that was the day our life sentence began.”

I am very fortunate to have some truly supportive people around me. In recent years I have had to rely on these people, as me and my family have had to face the most traumatic event of our lives – the murder of my brother.

On 25 January 2014, my little brother Isaac Stone was attacked on Costin Street, Midland Road, Bedford. He was 19.

Isaac was a happy go lucky person, he always had an infectious smile on his face – a very big one at that, which everyone would comment on! He was handsome, kind hearted and very nurturing. He had time for everyone, and would always be willing to help someone else.

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“I feel proud of the way we’re making a difference to people’s lives.”

When I joined the force I didn’t have a clear career path.

I had been a response officer for two or three years when I saw there were openings for trainee investigators in the child abuse unit, so I transferred and that’s where I learned my trade. The unit then expanded to take into account other areas of vulnerability – vulnerable adult abuse, modern day slavery, child sexual exploitation – which showed the evolution of the Public Protection Unit.

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“You work long hours, but getting a great result for your victim makes it worth it.”

I always wanted to be a detective and deal with the most serious crimes, but I wasn’t in a position to do so until 2000. Up until that point I’d worked as a response officer, a local beat officer and in the town centre team, dealing with issues that arose there.

Since I became a detective 18 years ago, I’ve worked in a number of teams including the Major Crime Unit (MCU), Serious Crime Investigation Team, the Public Protection Unit, the Boson team and now the Emerald unit.

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