A family changed forever

The Wellbelove family was changed forever the day their middle child Archie was killed in a road collision, while walking home from a university night out in December 2012.
 The Family Wellbelove
Archie’s mum Katie hopes her son’s memory can be used to support other families experiencing the same pain, and to remind motorists and pedestrians alike of the importance of staying safe on the road.
Archibald Felix Lister Wellbelove was the middle child of three, having an elder brother, Henry, and a younger sister, Mathilda.

Archie was always a very happy and positive child and was lucky to be very bright academically, albeit he was very self-effacing. Continue reading

Arrests, hostages and swans… a day on duty as a Special

Special Constable Martin White joined in 2009 and volunteers around 60 hours a month for the force. In this blog post he tells us about an eventful day on duty shortly after becoming independent…

Before I joined the Specials I thought that they did little more than police village fetes. How wrong I was!

Today I start duty at 5:30am with another Special. He is 19 and I’m 60 but we get on well. It’s an early start as we are aiming to arrest someone who’s wanted under a court warrant.

At 6.30am we arrive at the address of our man. He has moved but we are given a phone number and call him to ask him to come to the police station. To our surprise he agrees so we head back to the station to be there when he arrives.
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Marching to success

New recruits passing out

I was one of 15 new police officers who took part in Bedfordshire Police’s prestigious Passing out Parade on Thursday 9 July.

It is traditional for new recruits to celebrate their new roles by taking part in the Passing out Parade. Every officer you see on the beat would’ve had a parade after completing their initial training.

On Thursday, part of the Parade involved being inspected and congratulated by Temporary Chief Constable Jon Boutcher, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Collins, PCC Olly Martins and the Vice Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire. There was a dinner and drinks reception afterwards where we could celebrate with our families.

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