Finding my niche and making a difference in my community

On Friday (1 March), I was one of eight PCSOs who took part in a passing out ceremony, after completing initial training with Bedfordshire Police.  On Thursday this week, I begin my first shift on the beat, working with the anti-social behaviour team in Dunstable and Houghton Regis and I can’t wait to get started and make a positive contribution to my county.

PCSO Alice Winfield 7482

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Helping those living with dementia

I wanted to be a PCSO as I’m from a policing background – my mum and dad were both police officers. As well as meeting people from the community and helping to deal with local issues, one of my favourite parts of my job is doing dementia visits. I’ve been doing them for about two years now and I’ve probably been to see about 60 people in that time.

A dementia visit is basically going to see someone who is living with dementia and taking as much information as we can, and keeping a record of their information on our police systems. This means if they go missing, we already have a lot of crucial information on file and can start the search faster.

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Working to prevent serious youth violence – before it’s too late

Gangwithredplank_ver1 social.jpgSometimes high impact crimes such as murder and other youth violence paint a worrying picture of young people across the UK but what doesn’t often get reported is that the vast majority are not involved in criminal behaviour whatsoever.

Less than one per cent of the total population of under 18s are ever accused of any physical violence each year.

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