15 months ago I didn’t even own a bike, now I’m gearing up to cycle 200 miles for charity

15 months ago I didn’t own a bike, and I said I’d do the Unity Tour last year thinking it would be a breeze.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but here I am again ready to take on the challenge… Now I’m nervous because at least last year I didn’t know what was coming! But I know what to expect now.

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Bobby on a bike

Marc Clibbens has been a Special Constable for more than five years. Last year he started carrying out his patrol on his bike, and he’s not looked back. To celebrate Bike Week 2015, he’s written a blog post all about his typical day….

I joined the Specials in 2009 as I thought it would be a good way to learn what policing is all about, and I like helping people so it was the perfect combination. I volunteer about 100 hours a month for the Specials. My ‘day’ job is a mixture of day and night shifts, which enables me to work in my volunteering.

I started patrolling in Biggleswade and Sandy on my bike about a year ago, and then I decided I could be more use patrolling in Bedford town centre and I have been there ever since.

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