Behind Closed Doors

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A/Sergeant Mo Shabir is a response officer and has been with Bedfordshire Police for nine years.

I moved to Luton from Glasgow and was looking for a job. I thought I would give the police a go and haven’t looked back. It was a job I really liked and a job I still love today.

Being a response officer you never know what is round the corner. You attend a variety of jobs, it keeps the job spontaneous but I like the challenge.

I still get the thrill and adrenaline rush when driving on blues and twos.

When attending a domestic abuse incident which requires a fast response you’re always mindful of the possible hostile situation. You’re delving into someone’s personal life – and we are very aware of that.

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The more you know, the more you see

DC Alison Whitworth has been at Bedfordshire Police since 2003. She spent eight years in CID before moving to CSE, where she enjoys the victim focussed nature of the work.

We want young people to enjoy a childhood free fromThe more you know,the more you see abuse.

That’s the overarching aim of the Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Unit, for which I am a Detective Constable.

We want to bring offenders to justice, but most of all we want to prevent these hideous crimes from being committed in the first place.

CSE is a complex issue. The nature of it means that children can be manipulated and coerced into abusive situations, and are sometimes too frightened to report it for fear of reprisals or not being believed. Continue reading

No honour in abuse

Detective Sergeant Elaine Cook has been a police officer for 23 years. Having worked in child protection, serious crime and intelligence she was promoted in February to Sergeant and now manages the Domestic Abuse unit in the south of the county as well as the Honour Based Abuse (HBA) unit. 

Forced Marriage PosterIt’s the weekend. The start of my long seven day week. I am generally in the office by 7:15 am to find out what has happened overnight and to see if there is anything urgent to deal with.

This morning we have an honour-based domestic incident. A young woman has called police reporting she has been assaulted by her brother.  Her family had found out that she has been in a secret relationship with a man and they do not approve.

Our priority is the safety of the girl and we arrange a safe place for her to spend the night. She is shaken, but supportive of our action.

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