Don’t kick off this summer

England-two_social-squareSo we now know who has won the football Premier League, the FA CUP, who has been promoted, and who has suffered the heartache of relegation.

Normally as a football supporter you would have to wait until August before the action starts again, however this year we have the European Championships – aka Euro 2016.

So how will this affect the way we police?

As the weather gets warmer, and the football kicks off, more alcoholic drinks will be consumed and emotions will be heightened.

From today (Friday 10 June), when the tournament kicks off, police forces across the country will be preparing for an increase in domestic violence, violent disorder and alcohol related public order offences. Continue reading

Football Bother? Tracey’s On the Spot!

Special Constable Tracey Bateman volunteers in our Football Policing Unit as a Football Spotter and gives us an insight into a typical day on duty…

It is 9.30am on Saturday 24 October and I am on my way to Luton Police Station for a briefing. Luton Town FC have a game this afternoon against Plymouth Argyle and my role as a spotter is to keep the home and away supporters apart where possible, and to identify any high risk fans who might cause trouble and ruin the game for other football fans who have come along to enjoy the match. 

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A League of Our Own

Getting paid to attend football matches might seem like a dream job to many. PC Stephen Mason is Bedfordshire Police’s dedicated Football Officer.

“I initially got involved in the policing side of football as a spotter – a police officer who can identify known fans who are likely to cause risks, and gather intelligence for the match commander. I got involved because I love football, but also because I was interested in the policing side of the game.

“Now I work within Ops Planning as a football officer and I’m the single point of contact for Luton Town Football Club.

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