To kill for kudos

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I joined the police in January 1998, having just started a family and finished working abroad I needed a ‘proper’ job. After training I was posted to Luton and have been in the south of the county ever since. Now I’m working in CID, where I have been since 2010, and it is probably the most challenging, rewarding, stressful and fun job I have had.

In the 18 years I have been working in the police the gang element in Bedfordshire has certainly risen. It is a mentality that is affecting more and more kids in the area.

I don’t know why they get involved – for some it could be the need for belonging, the feeling that someone has your back, family or money and kudos on the street.

However, whatever it is, it brings much pain to families.

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Bin the blade

Carrying a knife can have life changing and devastating consequences.

If you set foot in public with a knife – or indeed anything that could be used as a weapon – you not only endanger other people’s lives but also your own.

If someone with a knife gets caught up in an argument or fight, there’s every chance that a knife could be used to injure or kill someone.

One life affected by knife crime is one too many.

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Lives destroyed in the blink of an eye

Why do people kill?

Homicide can be categorised into many different crime types – domestic violence, terrorism, organised crime killings, child death, assisted suicide, corporate manslaughter, assault driven by intoxication…. to name but a few.

It’s an unpleasant list, each with their own motivating factors, and somewhat perversely each carrying different levels of abhorrence.

For murder detectives, our motivation in each case is the same.

To lose a loved one through a crime is without doubt dreadful beyond words, what we try and deliver is the very best service and investigation we can at this time of tremendous loss. Continue reading