Stepping into the shoes of my ancestor

JanesFredrickFollowing one of our ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts on social media, Bedfordshire Police was contacted by Tony Ireland, who recognised a man named Frederick Janes (Fred) in one of our photos dating back to 1922.

Tony, who is a Service Manager for Public Protection at Luton Council, also happens to be Fred’s great-great-grandson.

The photo depicts officers from Luton Borough Police decades before it merged with the Bedfordshire Constabulary.

Back then police responsibilities included; licensing of premises, supervising carriages (taxis), stage plays and cinematography. Those responsibilities now belong to local councils. Continue reading


Back to school for Superintendent Basra

Have you ever arrested anyone?

What inspired you to be a Police Officer?

What do you eat?

Have you any brothers and sisters?

Do you like your job?

Just a few of the many questions I have been asked during my tour of schools throughout the south of Bedfordshire over the past few enjoyable weeks.

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Seeing the sex trade from the other side

Caroline HoughtonMy job involves me heading a ‘pod’ called Exit, so-called as we attempt to help street sex workers from Luton ‘get out’ of the difficult cycle they find themselves in.

Prostitution in Luton has long been an issue, not only for residents, law enforcement and support agencies, but also for the vulnerable women the trade attracts.

Part of my role involves me putting these vulnerable women in touch with a variety of support agencies, who can help with health, drug and alcohol addiction, housing, benefits and general rehabilitation, which eventually leads to women exiting the on-street sex trade.

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