Proud to police

I remember the first day I turned up at Police Headquarters in a brand new suit and entered what we commonly referred to as the dream factory.

Rachel GlendenningI had always wanted to join the police, I wanted to catch burglars and make people feel safe.

And I can honestly say it’s a decision that I’ve never regretted – I look forward to going to work every single day.

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A Fresh challenge

Moving away from home and starting a new life is a challenging  thing for anyone to do. When you multiply that by hundreds of people, you start to realise the kind of challenge that comes with policing Freshers’ Fortnight.


As a licensing officer, my role is to work alongside licensed premises in Luton to ensure that the night-time economy  are policed effectively and that venues are working within the law, to promote the prevention of crime and disorder.

But, for two weeks a year, we see hundreds of new students descend upon the nightlife hotspots of Luton and Bedford and it’s our role to ensure they stay safe and – wherever possible – sensible.

I used to work in Response, which is a different challenge entirely from the one I face now. But at the heart of both roles is my duty to protect people and keep them safe.

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A contract to kill

When you’re working against the clock to prevent someone from being killed, every second counts.

It doesn’t get more pressured than that.

923 Pushpa GuildWhen the case of Paul Vass first came in, I ended up working 18 hours straight. This is common in the first few days of a major investigation.

There is no time to think of anything else as you are so focused on what you need to do to capture evidence to either catch the person responsible, or in this case stop him from carrying out a killing.

I joined the police in 1986 and these days leading a major investigation is a lot different.

We have so many specialist resources and experts now from scenes of crime officers to digital media investigators and analysts.

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