“You’re only going to get better if you talk about it. “

It’s June 2018, and I’m getting ready to host a charity football match on Sunday (10 June). What’s so special, you might ask, but match day marks the one-year anniversary of my escape from a very unusual situation.

At 4.20pm on Saturday, 10 June 2017, following a 999 call from my worried neighbours, police officers came to my home and arrested my girlfriend for grievous bodily harm, putting an end to months of abuse and suffering, and, I do believe, saved my life.

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It’s never worth it – a message about knife crime

Issac StoneI spoke to Isaac the day before he died, and I was due to see him that weekend.

One minute he was there, and the next minute he wasn’t.

I got the clothes he was wearing back and some bits and pieces from his car. That was it.

That’s what people don’t realise about knife and gang crime.

When it comes down to it, whether you’re shot or stabbed, if you die, there’s nothing left for anyone, for your family to remember you by.

For a lot of these youths it’s all about being the big man on the street and impressing their peers.

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It’s the most eventful time of the year…


There are two stages to a night shift as a response officer at Christmas time.

First we see everyone dressed up in dodgy Christmas jumpers or fancy dress, covered in tinsel and glitter, and full of Christmas cheer as they make their way to pubs and clubs in town centres across the county.

Then there’s the second part of the evening, when it gets to closing time and everyone is a little too full of Christmas spirits.

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