From Police Cadet to Special Constable

This month we are marking the contribution of our Special Constables. Tristan Webb, a former Cadet and future Special Constable tells us about his time with the force and how, even though he has left the Cadets, he hopes to continue to make a difference in his community…Tristan Webb

I’ve always wanted to join the police since I was knee high. The dream had always stayed with me and joining the Bedfordshire’s Police Cadets brought me one step closer.

My mum actually told me the Cadets and I signed up as soon as I could at 16, and it was a fantastic decision.

The Cadets meet every week to learn about the police, and often we would get talks from specific departments from across the force, which gave a valuable insight into all the different things that the police do. We also learned some of the skills needed in front line policing, including about legislation, how to interview someone, and what to do on arrival at a crime scene. Continue reading

Making a difference and giving something back

As part of our series of blogs this month from some of our Special Constables, SC Tracy Lawrence tells us why she chose to become a Special Constable, and how she’s making a difference…

Tracy LawrenceI joined the Special Constabulary two years ago. I had been looking for a new challenge and having had a long interest in the police and a strong belief that we all need to ‘give something back’ to our community if we want it to improve; becoming a Special seemed like the perfect thing to do.

When I joined, my intake was a varied age group. There were a couple of people my age through to some the same age as my children. Everyone has different skills and experiences that they can bring to the Special Constabulary, which are equally valuable.

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A Special day on duty at Ampthill Festival

SC Barry HaywardThis October we are celebrating the contribution of our Special Constables. Special Sergeant Barry Hayward tells us what it’s like to play a key role in policing a local festival, proving that although they are volunteers, Specials aren’t ‘hobby bobbies’…

“I’ve been a Special for six years, and get to be involved with a variety of things. One of the things I have most enjoyed this year was being ‘bronze command’ at Ampthill Festival earlier this summer – I have already requested to be involved in the same role again at next year’s event.”

“As bronze command I am responsible for the deployment of our officers at the festival; I have more responsibility but still get to be on the ground, getting involved.

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