“The 100 Days of Action gives us a chance to showcase what we, as volunteers, can do…”

Policing is something I’ve always wanted to do. I love programmes like Police Interceptors and Traffic Cops and that’s what inspired me to join.

I’ve been quite lucky in my career in that early on I was on a good salary. Unfortunately a police salary wouldn’t compete with that – I wouldn’t be able to take a pay cut to join so it’s not a full time career option for me. That’s why I do it as a hobby; although I volunteer about 140 hours a month, which is probably about the same as a regular officer would work.

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“I didn’t want to be known as a hobby bobby – I wanted to do what police officers did…”

I joined the Specials because I’d always wanted to join the police service and I thought I’d give it a go. I was initially only going to do it for a year, and ended up staying and making it into my 25th year.

When I joined the Specials, we were just coming out of the ‘hobby bobby’ era, so we were just breaking away from fetes and carnivals. I was part of the first generation of new Specials who started to push barriers; I didn’t want to be known as a hobby bobby – I wanted to do what police officers did.

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Why I chose to #BeSpecial

I was like you. A member of the public, concerned citizen, minding my own business and plodding on through life focused on raising my son and protecting him from harm.

When in my teens, I had considered joining the police. It sounded action packed and a challenge; a chance to develop myself on both a personal and professional level, to protect people, fight crime and keep the community safe. The timing just wasn’t right.

Life moved on and I started a family. Still, the small voice within that wanted to do more and make a difference didn’t subside.

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