A massive hole in our lives

Atul ShahToday, 31 August, marks the first year that we cannot celebrate Atul’s birthday, which he shared with his daughter, in person. Instead we send white balloons of peace to him.

Atul was special to us all in every way, and would never harm anyone.

He would always see the good in people; he was a good, honest, caring and very loving man who worked most of his life. He never judged anyone.

When we got together I already had a daughter who was only two years old and Atul brought her up as his own daughter, she saw him and loved him as her dad, and he treated her no different to his boys.

He was a proud and loving father to all three of his children, who all miss him terribly, they cannot get their heads around why someone would torture and murder their dad in this brutal way and their grief is worsened by the fact he was murdered on one of his son’s birthday.

He was a very special friend who I shared some special memories with and I will miss him always.

Atul and his mother had an unbreakable bond. Atul was the youngest so he was her golden child. They made phone calls to each other every single day and now there is silence as her baby has been murdered.

He came from a big family, who miss him so much, even his brothers wives took him under their wings. He was so close to his all his nieces and nephews and had only just started to enjoy being a grandad.

His only brother is lost without him by his side.

Atul’s murder has devastated us all. Sitting in court hearing over and over again how they tortured him left a massive hole in our lives.

Justice has been served but no amount of time that these murderers get will ease our pain.

We would like to thank our QC Mr trimmer and Mr Speak, Detective Inspector Justine Jenkins, of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit and all her team.

We would also like to thank the public for their support given to the family over the last eight months however we as a family now need the time and privacy to grieve.

By Pauline Smith, Atul Shah’s former partner, on behalf of the Shah family.

Atul Shah would have been 48 today (Wednesday 31 August).

Last week, Kyle Pitchford-Price and Luke West were found guilty of murdering Atul Shah. They await sentencing. For the full details, visit the Bedfordshire Police website.

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